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Kristin Kerrigan

Kristin Kerrigan

Guest choreographer


Kristin began studying under the leadership of Miss Jennifer Levine at the age of seven and was one of the original 5678 Dance competition members. It is with great pride to write that Kristin has always been a strong leader, and has displayed her strengths as a student, performer, competitor, and as a teacher throughout the years that she has studied at 5678 Dance.  

Kristin joined the 5678 teaching staff in the summer of 2007.  Although she specialized as a hip hop teacher, Kristin has also taught jazz, tap, and lyrical dance.  Kristin graduated 7th in her class from MacArthur High School in June 2010 and is currently attending Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York.  Kristin will continue to be a valued member of the 5678 Dance family and will be teaching and also will be contributing choreography this year.